4 Tips to Save Money While Cooling Your Home

Posted on: July 10, 2012

With many parts of the country experiencing unseasonably warm temperatures in the form of some very unpleasant heat waves, hundreds of thousands of people are spending far more money on cooling bills than planned for this time of year. If you’re feeling a cash crunch, these tips can help you save money while cooling your home:


1. Use Fans with Air Conditioners

Fans circulate the air in the room – they don’t actually cool it. But a fan blowing air against your skin can make the room feel roughly four degrees cooler. This means that if you normally run your air conditioner at 74, you can turn on a fan and run your air conditioner at 78. For each energy degree you turn up the air conditioner, you save up to 4% of the total cost to run the air conditioner! With a 4 degree increase, you’re saving up to 16% on your cooling bill!


2. Close Off Unused Rooms

Don’t pay money to cool unused rooms. Close off unused rooms when you’re running air conditioning. If you have central air, close off registers in unused rooms. If you’ve got a window air conditioner, close the door when you’re using it. For open doorways, try hanging a curtain or sheet in the doorway to help keep the cool air in the room.


3. Shade Your Air Conditioner

Air conditioners that are running in direct sunlight require 10% more electricity to run than one that is positioned in the shade! Shade your air conditioner or condenser to save on your cooling bills. Be careful not to restrict airflow, though, or you could end up paying more than you save to keep it running!


4. Eliminate Direct Sunlight

Direct sunlight into a room can raise the room’s temperature by as much as 10 to 20 degrees. Close the curtains or use blinds to block direct sunlight during the hottest part of the day, and save a ton on your cooling bill.


1 Response to "4 Tips to Save Money While Cooling Your Home"

Thanks, Steve. Didn’t know about the shading the AC. Makes total sense and will be putting that info to good use very soon. My new AC BAKES on the southside of the house.

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