Make Your Own Floorplan When Evaluating a Potential Home

Posted on: December 7, 2012

When you buy a brand new home from a home builder, you have the benefit of being able to look at and evaluate floor plans to decide which would best suit your needs. You can typically browse floorplans online, and think about how you’ll arrange your furniture and whether you like the flow of the floorplan. But when you buy an existing home, it typically doesn’t come with a floorplan. What do you do then? If you find a home you’re really serious about buying, make your own floorplan to ensure it will work for your needs.


Try it Out

Floorplans are great for new home buyers for two reasons. First, they give you the ability to look at the flow of the home – how it’s situated, where the doors are, how you’ll move through the house, where the kids will hang out, where and how you’ll entertain – all the minutae of actually living in the space. Second, floorplans are great because they can let you try out your furniture in the space, and see if it will work with your existing furniture or if you’d have to buy new pieces. In short, when you make your own floorplan, you get to try out living in the home. It helps you to visualize what it will really be like to live in the space, and can reveal potential deal-breakers before you buy.


Making Your Own Floorplan

When you get really serious about a home, it’s a good idea to make your own floorplan and try it out before you buy. When you’re jotting down notes as you walk through the home, quickly sketch the layout of each room. Make note of doors and windows, as they’ll affect how you lay out the furniture. You can go back later and put these sketches together to get a sense for the flow of the home and how it all works as a cohesive whole. It’s fine to work with just a rough sketch when you’re still in the early stages of deciding, but it’s a good idea to measure walls, window placement and doors when you’re in the final stages of picking a home so you can make smart decisions about your furniture and how your stuff will physically fit in the space.


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