Garages: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Posted on: December 9, 2012

Garages are a part of the home that typically don’t get much thought beyond the simple question of whether one is present. Realistically, though, there’s a lot about a garage that can affect the home’s value and resale potential. Here’s what you need to know about garages before you buy your new dream home:


Are Certain Types of Garages More Desirable?

When you’re shopping for a home, you should know that certain types of garages are more desirable – and therefore, they can boost your home’s resale potential. The most desirable garage is the attached two-car garage. Buyers tend to prefer garages that are located on the side of the house, with no rooms above it. If rooms are located above the garage, homeowners tend to complain about higher heating costs and drafts in the rooms over the garage. Less desirable is the garage located under the house – for similar reasons. The detached garage is unpopular in regions of the country where it snows, but are acceptable in the south.


Will the Garage Address Your Spacial Needs?

How many cars will you need to park in your garage? If you’re a couple with kids, and you both work, chances are good that you’ll both want a car. In this case, a two car garage would be the minimum to keep both of your cars safely stored – particularly in winter, when having a garage can make a huge difference in not having to shovel off a car. But what about the kids? Will the kids begin driving soon and have a car of their own? Are you planning to store things in the garage, too, like a lawnmower and tools? Is there room? Think about whether the garage will adequately address all of your space needs, and whether you can supplement with a shed or will have to find some other solution.


How Will a Garage Work with the Flow of Your Home?

Think about how the garage will work in terms of how you’ll use your home. Do you have to climb a flight of stairs after you pull into the garage? Will you mind carrying groceries up the stairs? Where does the garage door enter your home – and how does that space work relative to your plans for the house? The garage becomes an important point of egress for many homeowners, so it’s important to understand how the garage works with your house and decide if that works for you.


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