Traffic patterns are something you only have to worry about when navigating a tricky intersection, right? Wrong. When you’re shopping for a home, you have to consider not only the space itself, but how you’ll use it. Is it convenient to bring in and put away groceries in your home? How about carrying food from the kitchen to the dining room? Or being able to easily check on the kids in the family room while you’re working on dinner in the kitchen? Consider how you’ll use your home to determine if the traffic patterns make sense for your family.



Convenience is hugely important when it comes to how you’ll use your new home. If it’s not convenient, you may stick with it for a short time before altering your traffic patterns to accommodate convenience. So check for a few key factors, and also think about how you intend to use your home and what other convenience considerations you’ll need to take into account.


  • If you have a dining room, is it easy to get food from the kitchen to the dining room?
  • Is there an easy path from the front room to the family room or living room?
  • Is there a convenient spot for taking off wet or dirty shoes?
  • If you like to entertain, is there a good space for your guests to mingle, and is it easy to get food and drinks from the kitchen to your guests?


Ease of Navigation

Navigating your new home should be easy. Think about common tasks, and whether the home’s layout will make those tasks more difficult.


  • Are there steps you’ll have to traverse when carrying groceries from your car to your kitchen for unloading?
  • From where you’ll spend most of your time, will you have to navigate a set of stairs to get to the bathroom?
  • Will you have to navigate stairs, tight corners or long hallways when carrying laundry to the washer/dryer?



Noise can be an important consideration – particularly if members of your house are not all on the same sleeping schedule. Are areas of high activity separated from the bedrooms? Will kids be running up and down the hallway outside the master bedroom while a parent is sleeping? Will the TV or video games in the living room or family room disturb sleeping members of the household? Consider noise when you’re evaluating a home’s traffic patterns.


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