Solar Systems: The New Trend in Residential Real Estate

Posted on: August 18, 2013

Some home improvements are purely practical or personal, while others actually add value to your home and make it easier to market and sell. One of the newest trends in home improvement that is growing in popularity is adding a solar system to your home. A few solar panels can translate to a big boost in property values – as well as a very practical benefit of reducing your utility costs. A solar system can also give you a new marketing point to bring in potential buyers and appeal to certain demographics.


Solar Offers a New Marketing Point

As solar increases in cache, it gives you – and your real estate agent – a new marketing point for your home. If a buyer is looking at two comparable properties, and one of them has solar – the property with solar is likely to get more interest – and higher offers. Additionally, adding a solar system to your home can bring in more interested buyers, giving you a better chance of getting an offer. These systems are particularly attractive to the young and middle-aged professional demographic, so if your home has other characteristics that appeal to this crowd, it can be a big boost to helping you sell quickly.


Solar Systems can Increase Your Property Value

There’s a basic formula you can use to determine how much a solar system increases your property value: $20 increase in property value for every $1 in electricity saving that the solar system generates. If you save $1,000 annually with your solar system, that translates to a $20,000 increase in property value. A saving of $2,500 annually gives you a property value boost of $50,000. In addition to the cost saving you get on your utilities, it’s easy to see how the boost in property value from a solar system makes it a very attractive home improvement.


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