Summer Home Improvement Tips

Posted on: August 23, 2013

With warm weather and lush flora, now is the perfect time of year to tackle some exterior home improvement projects. Get these projects underway before the weather turns, and you can prolong the life of your home – and make it more attractive to potential buyers!


Check Exterior Walls for Cracked or Peeling Paint

This is the perfect time of year to paint exterior walls that are cracked or peeling. If you’re a DIYer and the entire task is daunting, consider doing one or two walls per year. Paint on south-facing and west-facing walls tends to deteriorate faster, and may require repainting more frequently than north- and east-facing walls. Exterior paint makes a huge difference in first impressions, though, so take the time to work on this task this month.


Prune Trees and Shrubs to Protect Your Home’s Exterior

After spring and the first days of summer, trees and shrubs are flourishing – possibly right into those exterior walls you’ve been so carefully maintaining. This is the month to prune trees and shrubs away from your exterior walls to protect paint and siding. You should prune so that branches do not come into contact with exterior siding – even when it’s breezy.


Repair Cracks in the Driveway

Small cracks in the driveway now can become big, gaping holes if water seeps in and freezes during the winter. Now is the time to clean and repair cracks. In concrete, use epoxy patching material. For an asphalt driveway, use asphalt patching material, and re-seal asphalt driveways every other year to improve their longevity.


Inspect Brick or Masonry for Cracks or Missing Mortar

Inspect any bricks on your home’s exterior, or masonry siding, for cracks or missing mortar. Repair as needed with fresh mortar or concrete caulk. Cracks and missing mortar can lead to water getting in behind the walls and siding, which can cause mold and structural damage if not properly maintained.


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