Check Out How Well Your Neighbors Maintain Their Homes

Posted on: September 24, 2013

When you buy a new home, you’re not just getting the home and property. You’re also getting the neighbors that come along with the home. If the neighbors are responsible and take pride in their homes, you may find that your neighbors actually help boost the value of your home. If your neighbors are busy, cash-strapped or just don’t maintain their homes properly, though, it can have a major impact on your home’s values, and can ultimately affect your resale potential. Make sure you consider how well your neighbors maintain their homes when you buy.


Maintaining the Home’s Siding and Roofing

You can’t force your neighbors to paint their houses or fix their roofs. Chipped, peeling siding and roofing that is missing shingles or sagging are major eyesores. If you’re adjacent to a neighbor who simply isn’t maintaining the siding and roofing, you will see an impact in your home’s value, and you may have a more difficult time selling it. Alternately, if your neighbors all take pride in their homes and conscientiously touch-up the siding (or install maintenance-free siding) and keep their home structures in good repair, you’ll find your property values more secure – and this can actually help boost your home’s value.


Keeping the Yard Clean and Trim

Yard maintenance is another consideration. Some homeowners with good intentions simply have busy schedules and don’t get to the yard maintenance as often as they’d like. Others may have health problems or disabilities that prevent them from properly maintaining the yard. Still others may just consider it low priority and may not mow or tidy often enough.


Keeping the yard clean and trim does have an impact on home values and curb appeal. If your neighbor has grass up to your knees and an old car rusting in the yard, you’ll have a hard time selling down the road. If the houses are neat, tidy and meticulously maintained, though, it boosts the appeal of your entire neighborhood – and can help reduce pests like mice and mosquitoes!


Ultimately, you can’t count on your neighbors changing before you go to resell a home, so you should evaluate the home maintenance of your potential neighbors and factor that into your home buying decision when you’re shopping for a home.


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