Removing Obstacles is YOUR Job in the Home Buying Process

Posted on: November 25, 2013

We all hope and wish that our home-buying process would go smoothly. We want to find the perfect house, make an offer, negotiate the cost, get a great deal, close on the loan and move into our new homes with no problems. That sort of dream home purchase isn’t a realistic expectation, though. In a real home-buying situation, obstacles can and do arise during the purchase process. Your job as an aspiring homeowner is to remove obstacles that come up during the home buying process.

Ask Advice, but You’re the Responsible Party

One trap that many homeowners fall into is the idea that buying a home is something other people can help you do, or even do for you. As buyers, we expect real estate agents to help us find the perfect home, agents or lawyers to negotiate the purchase and sale agreement and smooth out the process, mortgage lenders to get the financing in order; essentially we rely on everyone else to do their part. But when an obstacle comes up, you can’t rely on others to fix the problem or smooth out the situation.

Your real estate agent may give you good advice on how to deal with a negotiation problem or something that comes up during the inspection, but it’s ultimately up to you to decide how you’re going to handle it and get over the hurdle it poses to your home purchase. You’re the one who is invested in the purchase process, and the buck stops with you; you can’t rely on other people to clear obstacles for you.

Be prepared to overcome obstacles when you buy a home. You’ll encounter trouble shopping, negotiating a deal, during the inspection, while arranging financing or during the closing – or even all of the above! Problems can and do happen during the purchase process. Have the flexibility to go with the flow when these problems come up, and the willingness to work through the problem and move forward with your home purchase.


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