Shopping for Homes is More Than a Photo Contest

Posted on: January 4, 2014

More and more potential home buyers are turning to the Web to research potential properties. Would it surprise you to hear that at this point, 90 percent of buyers go online to search for potential homes? With such a large percentage of buyers shopping online, housing sale ads have gotten more competitive than ever. Photos of the potential homes play a huge role in whether a potential buyer even bothers to look at the property; buyers may click through dozens of homes without ever looking because the photos are bad. Whether you’re shopping or selling, remember that there’s more to a home than photos – but that’s where it starts for online shoppers.

Photos may Not Show Homes Accurately

Because of the huge range of home properties for sale listed online, it’s easy for potential buyers to feel overwhelmed by all of the choices. Clicking through dozens of photos and eliminating homes from the running in the blink of an eye may seem like an efficient way of sorting potential properties, but it can also cost you. Not all homes photograph well, and photos may not show an accurate reflection of the home.

Homes photographed in bad lighting, such as on a rainy day, won’t be nearly as appealing as homes shot in good lighting. A number of other factors play a part; skill of the photographer; quality of camera used; photo composition; even the time of day and the weather. It’s important to keep in mind that photos may not show homes accurately.

Look Beyond the Photos for Home Data

If you’re shopping for a home, resist the temptation to make a snap judgement based on poor photographs. Instead, look beyond the pictures for details about the home. Does it have the amenities you want? Square footage meet your requirements? Does it have the pre-requisite number of bedrooms and bathrooms? Do you like the neighborhood and the price?

If the details paint a good picture but the photos themselves are uninspiring, don’t eliminate the home from your options. Make an appointment to see it first, or at least ask for additional pictures from the owner or real estate agent. If you disqualify a home quickly because the pictures aren’t flattering, you could miss out on a real gem – all because of a bad photographer.


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