ATTENTION Sellers: Now IS the Time to Prepare for the Spring Market

Posted on: January 14, 2014

The spring market is traditionally the peak time for selling a home. More inventory is on the market, more buyers are looking and it’s often the best time for sellers because of the possibility of multiple offers and bidding wars. Spring market doesn’t come at the same time in every market, though. In some places, the spring market starts as early as February. In others, it begins in March or April. Work with a local real estate agent to make sure your home is positioned to sell when your spring market begins.


Wrap Up any Last-Minute Projects

Now is the time to wrap up any last-minute projects you want to accomplish before you list the home for sale. If you’ve got repairs, landscaping or minor renovations to do – do it now! You don’t want those last-minute projects to get delayed and drag into the start of your spring market.


Prep Your Home for Sale

Preparing your home for sale is a multi-step process that can take some time, depending on what your home needs and your lifestyle. To make your home ready for listing and showing, you should:


  • De-personalize – remove family photos and “genericize” the house
  • De-clutter – clear away anywhere from one-third to two-thirds of your belongings – more if your home is crowded – put them in storage, donate them or otherwise get them out of the way to make the home feel roomier and show better
  • Neaten up your home – rearrange cabinets, closets and other typically “closed” spaces to show better; if your belongings look organized, the buyer will think you take good care of your home
  • Clean, clean, clean – your home should be sparkling when people come to view it – if you’re not good at cleaning, consider hiring professionals


If the idea of prepping your home for sale feels daunting, consider hiring someone to stage your home. A professional can tell you what to remove, and can add design elements to make sure your home shows to its best advantage. Having your home professionally staged can make the difference between not getting an offer at all and getting multiple offers, and it can add value to your home’s sale.


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