Energy-Saving Heating Tips Going for the Coldest Part of the Year

Posted on: February 9, 2014

In many parts of the country, January and February are the two coldest months of the year. If you haven’t already examined your home for energy efficiency, now is the time to take steps to improve your heat retention and save money on your heating costs! Things like drafty windows and holes around doors are obvious, but there are some less obvious tricks to keep you warm this winter!

Do a Home Walkthrough

This is easiest on a cold day, but do it at night if the daylight hours aren’t cold enough. Do a walkthrough of your home and check for any drafts or cold spots. These indicate problem areas where you could increase your energy efficiency. Pay close attention to the area around windows and door frames. Any holes you find – seal them with calk or another appropriate material. Gaps around your door frame can be addressed with weather stripping, or door sweep devices if you’ve got gaps along the floor. Just addressing these issues alone can save you a huge amount of money on your winter heating bill!

Cover Your Windows with Plastic

Covering your windows with plastic can save you a ton of money on the heating bill. Many hardware stores now sell window plastic kits that come with sheets of plastic, double-sided tape and alcohol swabs to prep the area. Sealing the windows off with plastic adds another layer of insulation to your home; cold air that comes off or through the window is trapped between the window and the plastic, keeping the rest of your room warmer.

Close Doors

Closing doors to parts of the house that are poorly heated can help you retain more heat in the rest of your house. Close doors to retain heat in the rooms you want to keep heated, and consider hanging a curtain or sheet across open doorways to trap the heat in the room.

Close the Curtains

Closing the curtains – especially at night when temperatures drop – can make a big difference in insulating your home. Curtains provide an extra layer of protection against the cold trying to come in the window, and can help you maintain a warmer home with less energy.


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