February Home Improvement Projects

Posted on: February 22, 2014

The shortest month of the year is here – and with it, cold, short days. You won’t get much outdoor work done in February, but it’s a great time to take on some indoor home improvement projects. Before the warm weather beacons you outside in a month or two, consider tackling some long-overdue winter home improvement projects:


Take on Some Winter Organization Tasks

Winter is a great time to revisit your organization setup and improve your storage solutions. Are you looking for a better solution for winter garments in your main entry? Try cleaning out the closet, installing a shelf for hats and mittens, and maybe some coat hooks to let those wet coats dry out. How is the garage or basement workshop? Now is a great time to invest in a cabinet to store little parts, or pegboards and hooks to bring order to your hand tools. Take the cold weather months as a perfect opportunity to bring some organization to your life!


Tackle Your Bathroom

Bathrooms get neglected for most of the year, but while you’re stuck indoors is the perfect time to deal with bathroom chores. Inspect the grout and caulk around your tubs, showers and sinks. Replace missing grout, and chip out cracked grout so you can fix it. If you’ve got stained, mildewed or discolored caulk, you can clean it with trisodium phosphate, or a household cleaner designed for bathroom/shower cleaning. If you just can’t get the caulk cleaned, remove it and replace it with fresh, mildew-resistant caulk.


Check Your Furnace Filter

Most furnace filters are designed to be replaced every three months. If you’ve been running your furnace since the beginning of November, now is the time to replace your filter. Take a moment to pull out the filter and check. A clogged filter can restrict airflow and add to your heating bill, so take the time to replace it this


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