Tips for Buying a Home During Inclement Winter Weather

Posted on: February 27, 2014

Buying a home during the winter presents its own special challenges, but one of the most difficult to circumvent is the weather! In some parts of the country, inclement winter weather means two feet of snow that won’t go away until spring. In other parts of the country, winter means constant rain. Wherever you live, be prepared to deal with inclement weather when you buy!

Make Sure You View the Property Unobstructed!

It doesn’t matter if it’s snowing – you must view a new property unobstructed at least once before you buy it. Preferably when a home inspector is available to make note of any conditions worth noting. If you can’t see the roof, you can’t tell it needs to be replaced. If you can’t see the property, you may not be able to note significant landscaping elements, the condition of driveways or even walking paths. Make it a point to see your home unobstructed at least once before you buy so you know the condition of the exterior house and yard!

Be Mindful of Road and Driveway Conditions

Roads and driveways can become obscured with snow during inclement winter weather. When you’re visiting homes, be mindful of road and driveway conditions. Be cautious when driving in new areas, and take note of the level of plowing and the access to the home and driveway. Steep driveways may need a 4WD vehicle to navigate in the winter, and homes down long driveways may have trouble accessing the road in deep snow. Consider all of these things when you’re viewing homes in the winter, and when you’re considering buying.

Make Arrangements to Protect Your Floors

If you move into a new home during the winter, make arrangements to protect your floors! Plastic runners can make it easier for movers to transport your furniture into your new home without ruining carpets and hardwood with wet, snowy or muddy feet. You should even consider this when viewing homes, and when conducting walkthroughs or any activity inside the home during inclement weather


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