The Middle Market is Seeing the Most Home Buying Activity

Posted on: April 30, 2014

While things have been improving across the board in the residential real estate market, things haven’t been improving at equal rates in the various markets. The luxury real estate market is doing well in some regions, but it’s lagging behind in others. In most of the country, though, one segment of the real estate market is doing well – the middle! The middle of the real estate market is currently the most active in terms of the number of sales, as well as in growth. Understanding real estate activity, and where your home fits in terms of market demographics, can help you tailor a successful approach to selling your home.

The Middle of the Real Estate Market is the Most Active

Data across the nation shows that the middle of the real estate market is currently the most active. One expert says of market activity: “It seems like it’s been the entry to the middle of the market. It takes a bit longer for the high end to sell just because there are fewer people qualified to purchase at that level.” Another expert adds: “There’s a lot more inventory on the high end. The [… market] is saturated with homes in the $3 million and up range.”

The high concentration of inventory in the luxury market, combined with fewer buyers, has suppressed activity in the high end. The middle of the market is performing well, in contrast, which is good news for the majority of homeowners!

Think About Your Target Market to Position Your Home Properly

Whether your home is firmly in the middle of the market, or you’ve got a more high-end property, one thing holds true: positioning your home properly for your target market is the key to a timely sale. Think about the people in your target demographic. What do they care about? What are their lives like? What amenities would most appeal to them? A younger, growing family might care most about a home with plenty of room located in a good school district. A middle-aged couple with kids about to move out might be less interested in a spacious home and might not care at all about the school district, but might appreciate a studio with good light or a garden or shop to pursue hobbies.

Think about your target market and position your home accordingly, and you should have good luck selling in this year’s market – whether you’re in the middle of the market or not!


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