June Home Improvement Projects

Posted on: June 26, 2014

June is here, and with it comes the glorious summer months – and all of the outdoor home improvement projects you can handle! With warmer weather comes a great opportunity to tackle outdoor tasks you’ve been putting off.

Garage and Shed Organization Time!
The garage, shed and other outdoor storage buildings tend to get crammed with random items that we don’t want or have room for inside the house. Now is the perfect time to clear these spaces out and reorganize! Take everything out and sort through it. Organize things into piles to donate, piles to trash and piles of things to keep. Once you’ve identified the things you’re going to keep, you can install some shelves, pegboards and other storage units to help you keep things neat and organized. Viola – a weekend of work gives you usable space all year round!

Refresh Your Deck
You should clean your deck every summer, and refinish your deck every few years depending on the climate and the age of your deck. Don’t use a power washer when you clean, or else you might damage the wood. Sweep off leaves and moss, and use a scrub brush and a hose to clear away grime. Dislodge twigs and debris trapped between the gaps so air can circulate and the boards don’t rot or become covered in mildew. If it’s time to refinish your deck, use a stain that includes pigments that block ultraviolet light, which degrades wood more quickly.

Up Your Outdoor Landscaping Game
June is the perfect time of year to tackle those landscaping projects you’ve been considering forever. Add or refinish a walkway, create a flower bed or build a new fence around lawn features to keep the family dog from plowing through and destroying everything. June is the perfect time of year to address everything from cleaning up deck furniture to adding outdoor lighting to give your home a beautiful ambience all summer long!


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