Look Beyond Home Staging – or the Lack Thereof

Posted on: August 8, 2014

Home staging is when a real estate agent or home staging professional re-arranges the home, artfully places certain pieces of furniture, flowers or artwork, or even just de-clutters the home a little. The idea is that the home staging will make the home seem more attractive to buyers, and professionals who have a good understanding of making a home attractive can make even the dullest home seem sparkling and brilliant. When you’re shopping for homes, it’s important to look beyond home staging – or the lack thereof – to see the home you’ll buy.


Don’t Be Taken In by Flowers and Artwork

Things like flowers and artwork can humanize a space, and make it seem more attractive than it would without them. A small space might benefit from minimalist furniture; a home stager might take out all but a single love seat and coffee table, or may change the lighting to diminish the fact that the space is tiny. Curtains and other room separation devices can conceal the fact that a space is oddly laid out.


When you’re viewing a home, it’s important to look beyond the staging to imagine your own life in the space. A small area may look large and roomy with only a coffee table and love seat, but you may have a big-screen tv and a large couch that would completely crowd the same space. Ignore whatever is in the space and picture your own furniture and lifestyle.


Don’t Be Put Off by a Lack of Staging

On the other side of the equation, you may view a home that is currently occupied by two adults, four kids and two dogs. You may see toys and clutter everywhere, and be so off-put by the things filling the space that you don’t even see the space itself. Remember that when you buy a home, nothing that you’re seeing will be in the space. Try to look beyond the clutter and trappings of someone else’s life, and visualize your own life in the same space. Don’t be tempted to walk away from a great home just because it’s filled with someone else’s stuff; look beyond the stuff to see the home underneath, and decide if it’s what you want.


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