Winter Snow Removal Tips

Posted on: October 14, 2014


Winter snow removal is an unpleasant task for people in many parts of the country. But winter snow removal can also be hazardous for your health; a recent study showed that the risk of heart attach increases drastically among certain demographics while shoveling snow. Don’t take any risks with your health; consider these tips to make your winter snow removal easier.

Shovel More Often

It seems counterintuitive – if shoveling snow puts you at the risk of a heart attack, why do it more often? But it may be the right call; shoveling more often means you’re shoveling a smaller amount of snow, and thats less cardiovascular work. Instead of waiting for a few inches of snow to pile up, shovel every inch or so, when it’s easy to just push the shovel along to make a path in the snow. It’s lifting the big shovels full of heavy, wet snow that is particularly dangerous. Putting salt or other ice-melt down after you clear the snow can also help prevent forming a layer of ice from the ground’s moisture, and can help prevent snow from piling back up again immediately.

Consider Investing in a Snow-Blower

If you’ve got a large area where you shovel, such as a wide or long driveway, or a lengthy walkway, consider investing in a snow-blower. A good snow blower isn’t cheap, but spending a few hundred dollars is far better than risking a heart attack. If you have neighbors who don’t own a snow blower, you may also be able to amortize that cost by clearing their snow, too, for a few bucks.

Hire Someone for Snow Removal

If you live somewhere you only get a few snowstorms a year, a better investment might be hiring someone to do your snow removal. Hiring someone is the most expensive route on an individual basis, but if you only have to hire someone to come out three times a year, that’s a lot cheaper than buying a snow blower – and it eliminates your risk of heart-attack. Ask for referrals from friends and neighbors, and if you do hire someone, make sure you book early – snow removal professionals get really busy in the right season, and you don’t want to miss your chance to get an appointment.


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